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    1、優化設計 輕質高強  Excellent design and high durability


    The casing of the cooling tower is made of ulrea resilient fiberglass reinforced polyester(F.R.P) and be of U.V and chemical resistant.All steel components are galvanized to minimize oxidization,thus resulting in a more durable cooling tower and longer lifetime. The tower is of compact tower body and of durable against a seismic horizontal insensity of 1.0G and 12 grade typhoon. its snow-loaded ability is more than 200kg/㎡.

    2、效能超卓 省電節能  High efficiency and energy saving


    By using the high quality PVC film,the cooling tower can resist corrosion and keep the original shape without any deformation.Curved surface design of the filling not only allows hot water to flow more slowly within the tower, thus giving the hot water more time to cool,but also allows the cooloing air to flow more smoothly.Moreover,electrical power consumption and operation noise level is further reduced by the application of powerful axial fan and specially designed and evenly spaced water distribution system.

    3、噪音低 飛濺少  Low noise and slight drop loss


    With especially axial fan designed by Shanghai Jiaotong University, the tower holds in itself strong wind by very low noise.For super-low noise series cooling tower,there is a high quality silence mat above the basin,that will absorb the impact noise of falling water.
    The specially designed FRP drift eliminator can produce excellent efficiency at stopping drift,so the carry-over volume can always be kept within 0.005%,and only a slight pressure drop loss will be caused there.

    4、布水均勻 貯水量大  Water well distributed and Water basin large


    All water distribution nozzles are designed to be with special big orifice so they will not get clogged as what were usually used. the cooling tower is equipped with large flat basin with water sump.The water sump how ever is at special large size,so it takes nosike of sucking in air.

    5、安裝簡便 合理實用  Easy installation and practical design


    Due to the unique construction of the cooling tower,they can be jointed firmly for easy installation.Furthermore,the design and manufacture of the unit are based on the practical and actual market requirementee top quality.

    6、兩年免費保修  2-year free warranty


    Fact speaks for itself,only quality product can afford to offer free warranty much longer then its competitor's.And Sunfly is one of the first companies in the market we product.

    7、最佳客戶服務  Excellent customer services


    Providing top quality services to its valuable customers is Sunfly's business philosophy.Customers can seek professional advice from sunfly about any technical information and the selection of the most appropriate model professional that they can furnish us the following data:1.Water flow rate.2.Inlet water temp.3.Required outlet water temp.4.Ambient parameter.5.Installation site of the cooling towers.6.Voltage and frequency requirements in different countries and districts.


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