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      市場營銷/Domestic Marketing

      Domestic Marking

      Since founded in 2003,Sunfly has been providing the resolution and products with the most reliable quality and lowest cost for sustomoers.It's products are honored for the hign-level products development,well-trained staff,high-efficient organization,high-quality support system,good after-sale service and perfect service network.

      With more than decades experiences in air cooling equipment production,Sunfly has become a modern enterprise and market leader for cooling equipment specializing in reserch,manufacture,marking and service and been appraised as an enterprise with"AAA"grade outstanding credit for ten years.


      With the newset technology and good reputation,this company become the winner in cooling tower market.


      Copyright 2014 ? Shaoxing Sunfly Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved Address: Shangyu, Zhejiang, China Zip:312300
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