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    Yu Shun is one of the legendary rulers of remote antiquity. The “historical records of guiji(today’s Shaoxing)has it that. Shun is from Shangyu, born in Yaoqiu 15 kilometers away from Shangyu”It is said Great Shun was farming in the Lishan Mountain,God dispatched big elephants to plough and flying birds to weed for him. It was because that his piety moved heaven and earth.The Chinese name of the company is given after great shun in honour of him. The river of shun runs forever while progression of the Sunfly forwards permanence.We will attach importance to science and techology improvement,actively absorb the internationl advanced technology,increasingly develop and upgrade products, provide excellent after-sale service, benefit our valuable customers.


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    • Meeting Room
    • Office
    • Equipment


    • Open type cooling tower---BL Round-shape Counter-flow Cooling Tower / FL Square-shape Cross-flow Cooling Tower / C2000 Rectangle-shape Cross-flow Cooling Tower
    • Closed cooling towers---HE2000 Counter-flow Closed Cooling Tower / HE3000 Cross-flow Closed Cooling Tower / SE3000 Combine-flow Cooling Tower
    • Dry & wet fin-tube Air cooler---DACH/V Fin-tube Air Cooler
    • Water Treatment Equipment---SFWT Water Tank and Water Treatment Devices


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