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      企業概況/Brief Introduction

      Shaoxing Sunfly Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd(formerly Sunfly water management sciences and technology company,established in 2003)is a modern high-tech environment protecion enterprise,backing of the nation R&D center on HVAC and environment protect technology from several famous universities and research institutes. The company specialized in developong and producting cooling tower of both open type and closed type, dry and wetfin-tube air cooler and water treatmenteqeipments.

      Located in Shangyu city Zhejiang Province,This company covers an area of 12000 m,includeing a total floor space of 6000 m,Relying on it's solid R&D strenght, the company have been focusing on recent developments in international water environment protection and air cooling technology,upgrading the rraditional management crafrt into modernization-integrated mechanical & electrical system,digital-tech.The products is characteristic of a novel in design and advanced in technology,safe operation and dependable performance,sturdy construction and durable in use,convenient in operation,compact and light,low noise and less energy consumption with perfomance up to the international level of last 1990s,Well-sold in HVAC engineering,industrial water recycling sytem,wastewater management projects.

      This company is authorized by the government as a foreign trade base for export,and entitled A level of the state.The cooling towers are exported to Canada,Belgium, Sudan,Indonesia,Nigeria,Guinea etc.,time after time.

      The ISO9001 quality management & quality assurance standards and ISO14000 environment protect standards are being implemented in the company. the company is rich in qualified scientists and tequipped with advanced instruments and facilities,and excellent aftersale service system.

      "Found the company with diligent,live it with honest, prosper it with sciences and technology" is our business philosophy;

      "Benefit our valuable customers and grow up with them"is our operation goal;

      "Make the hill green,the water clear, the sky blue" is our holy mission;

      Customers all over the world are welcome to establish and develop business cooperation.

      Copyright 2014 ? Shaoxing Sunfly Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved Address: Shangyu, Zhejiang, China Zip:312300
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